Great Valley Sketchbook Exhibition at Studio Hart

April 3 - 25, 2015

Opening Reception: Friday April 3, 6:00 - 9:00pm


The "Great Valley Sketchbook" is an exhibition of my watercolor paintings, ink drawings and block prints on view from April 3 through April 25, 2015. The watercolor paintings were created in the field on my wooded property in Great Valley, New York. The block prints were inspired by time spent in this natural setting. All of the work in this exhibition reflects my lifelong fascination with, and appreciation of, Nature.

I am particularly pleased that Barbara Hart requested to exhibit this work, since the paintings and drawings were produced with the sole objective of capturing some of what I love about spending time in the woods and meadows on my property. I never intended the work to be seen by the general public - the pieces all started life as pages in a sketchbook, created with no greater ambition than to record an afternoon well-spent. The fact that Barbara thought they were nice enough and interesting enough to be shown is both flattering and exciting. 

Studio Hart is located at 65 Allen St., Buffalo, NY 14202. Gallery hours are Tuesday - Friday 11:30 -3:30, Saturday noon - 4:00.


Emerging BrackenEmerging BrackenAt the edge of the front woods near the front field. Beech TreesBeech TreesAlong the driveway to the cabin. ServiceberryServiceberryServiceberry in the front field after a brief rain shower. GoldenrodGoldenrodFront field. White PineWhite PineAn old white pine in the front woods in the process of being shaded out by aspens and red maple.